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14 March 2017 / / Data

As discussed in the previous post on the Sonoff, this time an input signal will be added.

Switching a light bulb is now easy, but what to to with the input GPIO?

4 March 2017 / / Hardware

Amazon Echo Dot Alexa balckOne month ago, the Amazon echo dot wasn’t yet available in NL, only in UK. so I ordered via my family in the US, 2 Amazon Echo Dots. The Dot has exact the same features as the normal Echo, except a high quality speaker. The Dot contains a internal speaker, but the quality is not that haigh, it’s nice for voice, but not for listening to music. You are able to connect via 3,5mm jack an external speakerset or AVR system. Because I don’t use the audio output, the Dot is with the cost of $ 49,99,- a perfect voice recognition aka speech integration add-on for my home automation setup.

2 February 2017 / / Hardware

Sonoff, a (smart) wifi switch, which you can buy for appr. 6 dollars on several Chinese websites. Sonoff is a cost effective smart home solution designed and produced by ITEAD. Sonoff is a ESP8266 based WiFi wireless switch that can connect to appliance of different types and brands.

Standard it will be delivered with a Chinese app, which means the ‘cloud’ is necessary to operate this device. I don’t like the cloud when it comes to control and or monitor my smart home. I did a search on the internet en some guys were able to flash the ‘esp easy’ firmware to it 🙂

30 January 2017 / / Hardware

Unfortunately after several years my Oregan body weight scale died. It drained many batteries the last months which is very uncommon, and even the last reading were not picked up anymore my RFXCOM. When I shake the scale in the air, you will hear many looseparts…time to find a new one.

9 October 2016 / / Hardware

cloudsIn June 2016 I backed a project on Indiegogo, for a air quality monitor. The small device will monitor the amount of CO2.

In the time during backing the project and final delivery in September the project is extended with possibility to order extra sensors, like temperature, humidity, and what I’ve remembered, also a dust sensor and also an RF piece of hardware. I just want to have the basic CO2 sensor with wifi, where the CO2 sensor had an upgrade to a more sensitive one with better range. The first sensor had a range of 400-2000 ppm. The final sensor has a range of 400-5000 ppm.

24 July 2016 / / Hardware

gardenWhat do we need to irrigate the garden? at least 1 area with plants, a lawn (6x5m) and at least 1 area with a drip system (for bamboo hedge). How do we want to control it? What are the costs?

11 June 2016 / / Hardware

mailboxJust because it’s possible, I installed a sensor on my mailbox. A left over sensor from a door that don’t need security anymore, the Visonic MCT-302T (868,95 Mhz), which is received by the RFXCOM.

4 June 2016 / / Hardware

Fibaro Flood sensorThe Fibaro Flood sensor has two build in sensort – a flood and a temperature sensor.

The device can be powered by battery (up to 2.5 years) or powered by 12/24V power supply. Even an external sensor can be connected to the internal terminal connectors. The external sensor is not standard delivered with the product, but has to be ordered elsewhere.

13 March 2016 / / Script

Inmysql Homeseer 2 it was possible to retrieve device data via DOM. In Homeseer 3 it’s not possible anymore. To prepare any reponsive webdesign or app I would like to store all relevant device data into a MySQL database. I’ve already running a XAMPP server so the MySQL was an easy step forward. You have to find out yourself how to configure the MySQL part.

22 February 2016 / / Hardware

RelayThe energy usage of the XAP800 mixer is in standby around 20-25 Watts, well, that’s too much for doing ‘nothing’. The device is great and even with the ZMC script to control it from Homeseer, I want to reduce the energy usage. I tried to setup the voice recognition as well, but it’s not working well in my situation, so the XAP800 is just a big speaker switch that consume a lot of energy.

19 February 2016 / / Hardware

FI9900EPCoincidence or not. During some HVAC maintenance in my house, the electricity in my back garden has to be cut off. At the end of the day the power is switched on, but the camera isn’t working anymore. Only some IR leds are flashing but the whole camera don’t give a piece of live. Reset to the default settings isn’t working….

13 February 2016 / / Script
13 February 2016 / / Script


How to control Spotify from Homeseer? There is no plugin available, scripting is a problem as well. Spotify don’t have his API ready to achieve this.

I use the Android app “Tasker” a lot the last year. I’ve several tablets and even a mobile from with Android. With Tasker you can automate events or task on a Android device.

14 January 2016 / / Hardware
2 October 2015 / / Hardware
2 October 2015 / / Hardware
10 December 2014 / / Hardware


I bought the GPS Tracker TK104 for home automation purposes. I would like to track the location of my car, but it could be anything, because it has a build in battery with a standby time of 60 days. With a daily use you can the battery hold it al least 2 weeks(1 hour per day driving). Charging could via AC, USB cable, or connect it to the car battery. For now I’m using the internal battery, but soon it will be connected to the car battery.

29 November 2014 / / Hardware
15 November 2014 / / Software

I started with preparations to upgrade Homeseer 2 to Homeseer 3. Unfortunately it’s not a simple upgrade because the most devices, events and scripts has to be created manually. I’ve 300+ devices and 150+ events. Most of the scripst are already written in, so that should not be a problem. Only the deviceclasses are different, so I hope with some little changes that it should be working soon….

25 September 2014 / / Software


For almost 3 years I use Homeseer 2 as a fine, basic software for my Home Automation system. My intension of a Home Automation system is that it is not limited to specific hardware or software. I would like to use every hardware and software that has an API that could be used to receive from and/or send data to it.